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How to choose the right diamond cut for your personality 

Posted on March 16 2021

“There are two kinds of diamonds in this world: The diamond itself and the eyes full of love!” 

The love for diamonds is decades old. Women and men alike view diamonds as one of their most prized possession and spend a great deal of thought and judgement when choosing one for a special occasion. Whether it is gifting your lady love or choosing one out of love for yourself, it is important to know what each shape and cut stands for. Diamonds are pricey and extremely special. If you have a trusted brand like La Boutique Del Gioiello to help you through the selection process, you are so lucky. But if not, no worries as we have got you covered. 

Keep reading for a list of ten most coveted diamond cuts of all time and what they stand for 

Round cut

The words ‘classy’ and ‘timeless’ describe this cut just perfectly. Round cut diamonds are quite popular due to their grand appeal and bright shine. 

Princess cut

A princess cut diamond can bring out maximum sparkle and elegance in the most contemporary designs. They resemble an inverted square pyramid with four bevelled sides and work great with most modern designs. 

Emerald cut

An emerald cut is an elongated shape and step cut faceting. They are best suited for a slightly laid back style that is elegant but not too loud. 

Cushion cut

Cushion cut diamonds are characterized with softer edges and lots of sparkle. They are perfect for an edgy, feminine and trendy look. 

Oval cut

Oval cut diamonds work perfectly well for those who love to have an aesthetic appeal in a trendy design

Pear cut

A pear cut diamond is edgy, smart and gives an elongated look to fingers. However, It is not so popular due to its tricky shape, like that of an inverted pear. 

Marquise cut

A marquise cut resembles the hull of a ship with pointed ends. This design is especially great to achieve an elongated finger look. Marquise conveys boldness and one opting for that cut have a rather bold personality. 

Radiant cut

Resembling an emerald cut, a radiant cut looks like an octagon and features 70 light reflecting facets making it one of the most dazzling diamonds. If you are about subtleties, the radiant cut is definitely not for you. 

Asscher cut

If you are one who seeks sophistication, class and an understated look, this cut is definitely for you. The Asscher cut looks antique and retro, and has a step cut faceting. The short octagonal cut is a hallmark of the 20s-30s era and gives a rather distinct artsy feel.

Heart ring cut

Nothing says ‘love’ more than a heart. The heart shaped ring cut is perhaps the boldest and statement making cut. In spite of the most obvious association, it is interesting to see that heart cut is not the most popular shape for engagement and wedding rings. 

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