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Top Engagement Ring Trends in 2019

Posted on October 17 2019

As wedding bells ring for many international celebrities, engagement rings are taking stage in showrooms. New trends are stealing the limelight, fusing with vintage styles. Pear-shaped diamonds, cushion-cuts and sparkling solitaires are all making a statement as actress Priyanka Chopra, supermodel Karlie Kloss, model Hailey Bieber and others seal their vows in style, flaunting exquisite diamond rings on social media. 

If you’re planning on popping the question to your special one in the near future, it’s time to look at the engagement rings sweeping the runaway and new partnerships. We agree that’s not an easy call. So we are here to simplify matters for you. Check out some of the new engagement ring trends to help you choose yours. 

Bold and the Beautiful

Two worlds are coming together - the old and the bold - in brilliant fusions that are capturing many hearts. Traditional yellow gold settings are making a comeback with modern emerald-cut stones. Check out the diamond pavé band with the golden yellow peeking through, adding another layer of uniqueness. Rose gold continues to rule, sometimes intertwined with yellow and white gold in a blend of that match just about any dress in any . 

Fancy Fusions

“Fancy” diamonds that are shapes other than the traditional round cut, are stealing hearts in 2019. There are nine shapes to look out for - oval, pear, emerald and heart among others, each of which is priced on their individual 4Cs - cut, clarity, and carat. Fancy diamonds are usually less expensive than their round counterparts, but can appear larger than their carat size, especially in a halo setting. The newness lies in how you fuse them within a style. Check out emerald-cut baguettes embedded on either side of a brilliant round-cut center stone or vertical step baguette side stone set in yellow gold.

Contemporary Queens

Looking for an exclusive piece never seen before for a one-of-a-kind woman? There are beautiful contemporary engagement rings to choose from. There are marquise shapes that come with a unique halo of smaller diamonds that make them look larger and spectacular. Any shape can work in this style. Called “east-west” settings, they give a modern feel to a traditional solitaire and the halo adds an exclusiveness that’s hard to ignore.

Custom Cuts

A custom engagement ring expresses your special one’s individuality in a brilliant way. How about a pink or blue diamond set with gemstones on rose or white gold? You can also choose to make a personalized statement and set her heart on fire. 

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