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The beautiful Carlex collection is truly unique. Incorporating both modern luxury and unparalleled style, Carlex rings are crafted using the most innovative and cutting-edge technology to achieve a unique look. These perfected designs are astoundingly comfortable and not only feel great, but are truly eye-catching as well. Each and every piece of Carlex jewellery bears the reputable Carlex signature, so you know it is a supreme quality ring that is made from only the finest materials and with the utmost of care.

Carlex rings are made in Montreal, Quebec, a city where old time charm clashes with new and inspiring creativity. It is the spirit of the city of Montreal that has inspired the design of Carlex rings. Montreal’s wealth of creativity and culture mixed with its upbeat artsy vibe make Carlex rings the ultimate piece for today’s trendy and vibrant lifestyles. Coming in first, second, and third generation designs, as well as a striking sport design, Carlex rings are sure to include a piece that catches your eye. These rings are meant to make a serious impression and that is exactly what they do.

At La Boutique, we carry the largest selection of Carlex rings in Ontario, so you are guaranteed to find just what you’re looking for when you visit our store. Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to answer any questions you may have while guiding you through the buying process.


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