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  • Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

    Posted on February 26 2020

    Diamonds are special and unique and symbolize love. It’s no surprise why women love sparkling diamonds and in addition to their beauty, they are a sentimental piece of jewellery that will be...

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  • Each of our Diamonds Make a Statement. What’s Yours?

    Posted on November 15 2019

    A brilliant diamond embedded in a ring is more than the world’s most breathtakingly beautiful stone. A diamond ring is an expression of the deepest emotions and lifelong commitment. At...

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  • What Are Lab Created Diamonds

    Posted on April 11 2018

    Lab created diamonds, which are commonly referred to as cultured or engineered diamonds, are constructed within labs using a sophisticated process that matches the conditions that diamonds naturally grow when...

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  • The Various Shapes of Diamonds

    Posted on December 12 2017

    Diamond Shapes Diamonds come in a variety of shapes, each carrying its own unique look and style. If you are wondering which diamond shape is going to be best for...

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