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Tips on How to Find the Perfect Ring

Posted on December 12 2017

When it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring, you already know that there are countless options to choose from, and it can get overwhelming. But not to worry, we have a guide on how to find the perfect ring.

Find Out The Shape

Before you consider the four C’s (cut, colour, clarity and carat) the first thing you need to determine is the shape that your future fiancée will like. The shape is the actual geometry of the stone, as opposed to the cut which can relate to angles of the facets in the stone.

The Setting

The setting is the metal framework in which the stone is mounted on, which can set the tone for the ring. A classic round engagement ring stone can look very modern in a bezel setting. Or a trendy oval can look more traditional in the four-prong setting. Doing the right combination of the shape and setting is key.

Find Out Her Style

Although some couples go ring-shopping together, some might actually be more traditional and want to surprise their partner. So if you are one of the more traditional people, do some recon and ask around – like their best friend or a sibling for help. If that doesn’t work, pay attention to the jewelry that they wear. Do they prefer platinum/silver or yellow-gold? Vintage or classic? Use that as a guide to find out their style.

Think About the Metal

When it comes to the band itself, there are a variety of metals to choose from:

Platinum: very durable and pure. It is a great hypoallergenic choice for brides/grooms with sensitive skin.

Gold: comes in a variety of colours.

Palladium: comes in a lighter shade than platinum, and could include a mixture of platinum and gold.

Buy Loose Stones

Be aware that the rings you see in the jeweler’s cases are often just samples to give you an idea of what the finished product will look like, so when you do go shopping, you will likely be looking at loose stones. The stone is considered the majority of the ring’s cost, so you would want to get the most perfect stone possible (within your budget). Make sure to look at the stone with a handheld magnifier and see if you can locate any marks or imperfections.

Budget Smartly

You should buy the best ring you can without going into a major debt. So don’t believe the common two-month salary myth, make sure to budget smartly. There a lot of options when it comes to engagement ring shopping, so you will end up with the ring you want at a reasonable price.

Allot Six Weeks

Remember that once you order it, a ring can take up to six weeks before it arrives, or longer if you are having it custom designed.

With these tips in mind, we hope to make your ring shopping experience an easier and enjoyable one!


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