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Holiday Buying Guide

Posted on December 12 2017

Make the holidays even brighter by giving her some jewelry, especially diamonds – which are perfect for the holidays with their sparkle and the twinkle that they bring when adorned on a hand, wrist or neckline. Getting a wife or a girlfriend some jewelry is a long-standing tradition, but it can sometimes be a bit challenging. When choosing diamond jewelry for the holidays, some things you have to consider are:

  • Preference for jewelry types
  • The jewelry she already has in her collection
  • Personalization of the jewelry
  • The meaning behind the gift

  • Here is a guide to help choose the perfect diamond jewelry for the holidays:




    Earrings are by far the easiest. You can go with simple diamond studs which is something that fits into every woman’s wardrobe, no matter the occasion. There are many price points to choose from, you just have to decide the carat weight, the cut and the quality. If she already owns diamonds studs, or you find that her taste tends to be more elaborate, look for diamond drop earrings which will often have a pear shaped diamond in a more extravagant setting.




    A diamond necklace is a gift that she will treasure. If her style is something simple, you can go for a solitaire pendant and a separate chain to hang it from. For those who have a more elaborate style, you can go for diamond encrusted pendants with either her name, or a word of significance to the two of you, or something with a motif such as a cross, the Start of David or more.

    This is a great gift to try and personalize for something more meaningful and romantic.




    A diamond bracelet is something that she will see as long as she wears it, making her think of you. If she is in the habit of wearing a lot of bracelets, a simple bangle set with diamonds can be great to wear with more than one bracelet or look good on its own. Another favourite is diamond tennis bracelets because, depending on the carat weight and quality, they come in ranges to fit almost any budget. This is great if your wife or girlfriend likes to dress up on occasion, as the tennis bracelet is the perfect addition to her formal wardrobe.




    If you are engaged or married, getting another diamond ring that she can wear in addition to her bridal jewelry is a great option. Have a diamond ring that’s more fashion forward or trendy than the traditional bridal jewelry is one that she will surely love! Some suggestions are choosing a diamond ring that is accented by coloured gemstones for some added flair, or a ring with a flower design for some quirkiness, or if her style is more on the minimalistic side, a simple, square-cut stone in a bezel setting is a great option. Regardless of what you get her, this is something she will want to show off.

    With this holiday buying guide, take the time to browse online to see the various options available to you and narrow down what you want to buy her. No matter what her style is or your budget, there is a special piece of diamond jewelry out there that will suit her perfectly for this holiday season.


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