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The Secrets No One Tells You When Buying An Engagement

Posted on December 12 2017

Tips For Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is not an easy task, and it does require some research beforehand. However, you can do as much research as possible and perhaps not know several of these facts below. Here some things that no one tells you about buying an engagement ring.

1. Not all diamond grading certificates are created equal

It’s important for your diamond engagement ring to come with a grading certificate. This certificate comes from a third party gemological laboratory where the specialists will look at many aspects, but mainly the four “C”s (carat, cut, colour and clarity). So make sure that the certificate you are getting is high quality and that the laboratory that has graded your diamond is credible.

2. Clarity grades can be blinding

When you are looking at a certified diamond, you must consider more than just the grade. Your diamonds could have white inclusions, or darker inclusions – the type of inclusion that it has can affects its value down the road. So make sure you examine the stone carefully, and see how it looks to the naked eye.

3. Bigger doesn’t mean better

Many stones are built with the weight (carat) of it in mind, and could have a thick middle and deep bottom. So if the stone is your desired carat weight, having a cut like that could cause the light to almost seep out and not be as sparkly as others. This is deceiving especially if you choose to buy a ring online. The best thing to do is examine the stone in person and ensure that its carat weight matches the beauty of its cut.

4. Any enhancement will decrease value and should be disclosed up front

Make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting. Is the stone you have altered? Is its colour enhanced? A stone that has been laser drilled to remove carbon can lose value. Also, heating the stone to enhance the colour is only temporary (something you might regret in the long run). These alterations will devalue the stone, so make sure that any treatment or enhancement is indicated on the grading certificate.

5. Look for symmetry

Make sure to look for a diamond that is as symmetrical as possible. Any misalignment will diminish a diamond’s internal light performance which will reduce its brilliance. A diamond with good symmetry will have more shine and sparkle to it.

These are just some of the things that no one might tell you about when you are buying an engagement ring. However, even if it does become overwhelming, just take it step by step, the end result will be worth it after all.

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