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5 Elegant Wedding Theme Ideas

Posted on May 05 2021

Planning a wedding should be fun, but with all of the ideas that are available, choosing a theme can be stressful. As challenging as this may seem, it is important that you select a theme as your first step because this will set the tone for your big day and will make the planning process a lot more enjoyable.

The following are just some ideas you can consider:


This is a popular one for obvious reasons, so if you want to emphasize the theme of love and romance, this idea is for you. You will have to incorporate soft hues, delicate décor and lots of flowers into the decorations, as these are the aspects that make up this theme. Beautiful lighting, pastels, calligraphy and hanging floral décor will take your wedding to a whole new level, and the romance from the evening will last you a lifetime!


This is a very unique idea, and this theme will ensure your wedding day is memorable and fun. You can draw inspiration from historical decades and can incorporate antique style décor into your ceremony and reception. Weathered doors, worn-in seats and gold candlesticks can really help with this theme, as can a vintage inspired wedding gown and beauty look. Another great idea that will help with this theme is a classic getaway car that the bride and groom can drive away in, so consider renting a classic car for your special day.


If you’re not a fan of traditional weddings, you can put a modern spin on your big day by wearing a colourful gown instead of white and adding bar stools as seats instead of traditional chairs. These are just a couple of examples, and because there are no rules with this particular theme, you can be as creative as you like. Geometric shapes, minimal design and clean lines will help you create a modern wedding, as would a bold colour scheme and a unique structural backdrop.


This, too, is a popular theme because the look of wood is both beautiful and romantic. String lights, mason jars, lace and twine, are all a must for the décor and the great thing about this theme is that there are a ton of DIY projects that can help you bring your vision to life. In terms of a venue, consider an intimate barn because this will really help with your theme.

Garden Party

If you love the outdoors and want something a little more casual, a garden wedding is ideal. You can use your own backyard and can create a laid-back atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy.

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