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How to get your Partner's Ring Size/How Do I Know Her Ring Size?

Posted on March 17 2021

When it comes to surprising your loved one with a special ring, knowing the right size can be your biggest hurdle. Although the best way to choose a ring is to take them with you to the best jewellery store in Vaughn, it may not be the best idea when you want to surprise them. There are many ways you can still get your partner’s ring size without spoiling the surprise.

Your jeweller can help
If your partner already wears a ring, even if it is not in their ring finger, consider yourself lucky. You can even go through their jewellery box and find a fashion ring that they wear and take it to the jeweller. Just remember the finger that they put the ring on. A professional jeweller can easily gauge a ring size based on the size of other fingers. So if your significant other wears a ring on their first finger of the left hand or right hand, for instance, your jeweller can easily gauge the ring finger size.

If bringing a ring along to the jewellery shop is not possible, you can trace the ring outline on a piece of paper and bring it to the jeweller. Remember to mention which hand and finger she or he usually wears the ring on and your jeweller will give you a ballpark of their ring finger size. Make sure that you make two or three tracings so that the jeweller can determine the size properly.

Ask for a ring
If your man or woman lives with roommates, parents or siblings, you can ask for their help in squirrelling away your partner’s ring. Ask them to get their ring for you and to let you know which finger they wear it on. This way you can surprise your partner with an accurately sized ring.

Friend or family
In most likelihood, your partner’s best friend or immediate family members like a sister or their mother will know their ring size. Try asking them subtly so that they don't spoil the surprise.

Stringing it
Although this trick may sound a tad too obvious, you can try doing this if your partner is a deep sleeper. Tie a string around their ring finger lightly and mark the loop point with a pen or marker. Bring the string to your local jeweller and they can show you rings with the exact measurement.

It can be difficult to measure the finger size of your loved one and can require you to put quite a lot of effort. But when it comes to choosing the right design and pattern for your partner’s ring, Visit La Boutique Del Gioiello, Vaughn's best jewellery store to choose a perfect symbol of love for your partner. Browse through our vast collection of wedding bands, engagement rings, bracelets and other jewellery.

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