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How to Personalize an Engagement Ring?

Posted on March 17 2021

Every love story is unique. So why should your engagement ring be like everyone else’s? If you are planning to take your relationship to the next level, how about considering an exceptionally designed, custom engagement ring? How about including something exclusive that makes it the ring as unique as your loved one?

How to Create a Custom Engagement Ring?

A custom ring is less expensive than you may imagine. It is also easier to personalize than you think. A custom ring handcrafted from scratch involves four simple steps:

  • A 3D computer rendering of the design to give shape to your vision
  • A wax model in the actual size to cast from the rendering
  • It will be cast in the precious metal of your choice - gold or platinum
  • The last step is about the finish and polish to bring out the full lustre of every element 

Personalized touches can be added in various other ways. How about including a diamond that belonged to your mom? Perhaps you could add an engraving of your sentiments inside the band? How about entwining both your birthstones with the diamond? Just make sure that the birthstone is as durable as the diamond it will sit beside. Other stones may not have the eternal shelf life that makes a diamond exclusive, and will be more prone to scratches. 

You could add the gemstone that represents the month of your engagement or a stone that made your partner’s eyes sparkle on of your trips together - a little known secret that only the two of you will share. 

Other ways to make the ring exceptional are by casting it in her favourite metal or selecting the stone shape, cut, colour and size (4C’s) that she likes best. If you need help in customization, ask the professional attendants in the store for help. 

One-of-a-kind engagement rings are priceless. Here are a few more ways to make it meaningful: 

  • Laser Engraving: A romantic engraving inside the ring or on the outer edge that makes her heart flutter is a beautiful way to make it resonate deeper. It can be a quote, a line from a song that connects you two, a funny memory that the two of you share, a word or a number (first date for example) that is loaded with meaning for you both and no one else. Just remember that the space for the engraving is limited, so the words should be as concise as possible. 

  • Number of Stones: The number of diamond stones on your engagement ring has its own significance. Two-stones in an engagement ring reflects friendship and love. Three-stones represent the past, present and future. The number of smaller stones on the ring can represent the number of years you’ve been together. You could also add a beautiful filigree such as a heart, flowers, love knots, infinity symbols or cupid’s arrow, to give a few ideas. 

La Boutique Del Gioiello

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Check out our full collection of exclusive engagement rings, each of which tells its own story or talk to us about personalized ideas. We make sure that this special milestone in your life is an exceptional one. 

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