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The Do’s and Don’ts of Engagement Ring Maintenance

Posted on November 12 2019

An engagement ring is extremely sentimental and valuable. It marks a very important milestone and receiving it is an occasion you’ll never forget. As it is such a special piece of jewellery, the proper maintenance must be applied to ensure its condition and beauty.

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  •  Get your engagement ring insured. This is not just any ring but likely a very expensive one, meaning you would be very upset if it were to get damaged or lost. Having the right insurance is a great security measure that will provide you with peace of mind knowing a replacement would be possible if something were to happen. Make sure you get the right coverage that applies specifically to jewellery.
  • Clean your ring regularly using a soft bristle baby toothbrush that is brand new and brush the ring in warm water with no more than a drop of dish detergent. Rinse it clean to help remove all of the dirt and grime that inevitably build-up on your ring. This procedure will help keep your ring sparkling!
  •  If, at any point, you are able to spin the diamond on your ring with your finger, take it to a jeweller so they can tighten it. Your diamond should never be loose but it can happen from prolonged wear, so if you notice this, stop wearing your ring until your jeweller can secure it by tightening your stone so that it no longer moves.
  •  Have your jeweller clean and examine your ring once a year because getting it professionally serviced will ensure the diamonds are secure.
  •  Never take your ring off when you’re out and about because it can easily be forgotten. This is one of the most common ways that people lose their jewellery, so do not take it off until you are home; otherwise, you run the risk of misplacing it. Even at home, try to have a box or drawer specifically designated for your engagement ring so that you put it in the same spot every time.
  • Never wear your ring when completing chores because cleaning products will scratch your ring. Harsh chemicals like bleach, chlorine and acetone will all damage the metal portions of your ring, so remove it when cleaning your home.
  • Exercising is great but your engagement ring should not be a part of your workout routine. Some exercises can hurt your ring, so it’s better not to take any chances to prevent any damage from happening. The same is true of swimming because you can easily lose your ring in the water as your fingers become slippery, causing your ring to slide off.
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